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Hitch Load Guidelines
Mobility equipment dealers offer scooter and wheelchair carriers designed to mount on tow hitches. Although towing hitches are designed to carry and pull items, vehicles have limitations on the load that can be applied to the hitch.

Maximum Tongue Weight is the maximum amount of weight that can be applied vertically to a tow hitch. Mobility equipment that mounts to a tow hitch applies weight vertically to the hitch. In general, the maximum tongue weight is calculated as 10% of the vehicle's towing capacity rating. The towing capacity values for Toyota vehicles are based on using a genuine Toyota towing hitch and can be found in the Toyota Owner's Manual.

Confirm the weight of the mobility equipment being installed. Ask the mobility equipment dealer for product weight information for both carrier and scooter. The total weight of the equipment should not exceed the maximum tongue weight of the vehicle.
Sienna with Towing Package
Shown with Bruno Out-Sider® Meridian Vehicle Lift Model ASL-250
Highlander with Towing Package
Shown with Bruno Out-Sider® Meridian Vehicle Lift Model ASL-250

2017 Toyota Vehicle Equipment Maximum Tongue
Weight (lbs.)
2.7L 4cyl. engine 150 PDF
3.5L V6 Engine 500
Highlander Hybrid AWD 350 PDF
Land Cruiser All 810 PDF
RAV4 All 150 PDF
RAV4 Hybrid All 175 PDF
Sequoia All 700 to 740 lbs.,
depending on models*
Sienna All (with Towing Package) 350 PDF
Tacoma All 350 to 680 lbs.,
depending on models*
Tundra All 650 to 1050 lbs.,
depending on models*
4Runner All 500 PDF

* Refer to Owner's Manual for information on a specific model

Total Load Capacity is the combined weight of occupants, cargo/luggage and mobility equipment. The maximum load capacity values (Total Load Capacity) can be found in the vehicle's Owner's Manual. Confirm the combined weight of cargo, occupants and mobility equipment do not exceed the vehicle's total load capacity.

Models Not Recommended For Towing/Hitch Mounting

Avalon, Avalon Hybrid, Camry, Camry Hybrid, Corolla, iA, iM, Mirai, All Prius Models, Yaris and 86.